greenhouseMay is a busy month around here!  The seeds we sowed and plugs we planted in our greenhouses in March and April have grown through spring and are ready to be moved outside. Although we’ve been eager to plant for weeks now, the forecast should finally be free from frosts and freezes. After a long wait, Mother’s Day weekend signals the safe start for spring planting in South Jersey.

We’ve stocked our perennials, shrubs and trees from nurseries in neighboring Cumberland County (and will continue to receive even more as they come into season.)

While our hanging baskets and combination planters are filling in, the bedding flats are budded and blooming, bursting with color.

Our vegetable plants and herbs are ready for transplanting too.

The tropical plants have arrived and we hope they’ve brought the warm weather with them!

Pond plants are in: potted water lilies and marginals along with floating hyacinths and lettuce. We have fish too: Comets and Koi.

For the lawn and garden, we also have new figures and fountains to showcase. From bird baths shaped like sandcastles and sunflowers to sea captain and sailfish statues. (This winter, we had an opportunity to tour the Massarelli warehouse and showroom in nearby Hammonton, NJ, where all of their concrete pieces are hand-made!)

Out back, our soil, stone, and mulch bins are filled so we’re ready to load, whether pick-up or delivery.

Whatever your spring needs may be, we’re here to help. Shop small business and visit your local garden centers.  This time of year, we’re in full bloom and buzzing like bees! It is spring after all!  Now, if only the sun would come out to shine!