A Look at Your Lawn

jonathan-green-logoWe’ve always used Jonathan Green’s products on our lawn with great success. In fact, the trusted grass seeds, fertilizers, and controls have their own places on our store shelves year after year. Yet recently, Jonathan Green has developed a revolutionary approach to lawn care. This unique program called The New American Lawn emphasizes the importance of feeding your lawn AND your soil!

Now as you’re reading, you may be wondering “Why change after all these years?” We realize it may be hard to take on a new way of thinking and make a change in habit but stick with us and read on to learn the benefits!

While traditional fertilizer programs feed for a short time and treat the symptoms of poor turf (weeds and disease) rather than the real problem (poor soil), The New American Lawn focuses on feeding the top of your lawn and nourishing the soil below! Jonathan Green parallels feeding the lawn every few months to being on a “sugar” diet, offering a short jolt of energy without yielding sustained health. Although such a shock may carry you and your lawn through for a period of time, it’s not a healthy approach. Lawns thrive over a balance between the soil’s biology and chemistry; therefore, The New American Lawn program meets the nutritional needs of turf by supplying the proper amount of lawn food AND soil food!

According to Jonathan Green, “Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil and MAG-I-CAL are the two soil-reviving fertilizers that make The New American Lawn truly different from every lawn program on the market.” Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil loosens hard, compacted soil for deeper root growth and spurs soil microbes to breakdown nutrients. This unique fertilizer restores soil life while increasing root mass and drought resistance. MAG-I-CAL has ten-times the soil de-acidifying power of Lime. This pelletized calcium fertilizer quickly adjusts soil pH to maximize nutrients from other lawn fertilizers and reduce the growth of weeds in the future.


The New American Lawn program also suggest using Black Beauty grass seed. Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty mixes germinate quickly within 10-14 days, develop roots that grow deeper than other seeds for increased drought tolerance, and produce dark green, lush lawns.

To learn more about the science behind the program, visit www.jonathangreen.com.  And next time you take a look at your yard, remember healthy soil is the base of every great lawn. So slide over traditional four-step program and make room for the new kids on the block!